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We Build Smart Networks
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Internet of Things (IoT)
Network Provider & Integrated Solutions

Smart Water Management
Smart Street Lighting
Smart Waste collection and Recycling
Smart Building
Smart Parking
Smart Environment monitoring
Smart Custom applications
Many other to come (R&D phase)

Technology benefits!

LoRaWAN Technology benefits

Long Range:
About 20km rural, 5km urban, 2km deep penetration urban

Long Battery Life:
More than 10 years from normal battery

Low cost:
Lower cost than cellular or other LPWAN solution

Bidirectional Communication:
Sensor data uplinks and downlink application level control of the end device

Built-in Security:
Using AES-128 CCM, privacy, authenticity and message integrity are assured end-to-end

LoRa Alliance® Ecosystem:
Fastest growing technology alliance and open standards for worldwide interoperability

Plenty of IoT solutions:
A bouquet of sensors provides a solution to almost every problem

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