Ithaca Destination Smart S.A.  is proud to announce that it has successfully implemented as a subcontractor, in partnership with Mesogeos S.A., a LoRaWAN network in Ios island Municipality.

The project consists of implementing one thousand six hundred seventy (1.670) water-meters LoRa nodes to monitor the water consumption, eight (8) LoRaWAN gateways, and the Network Server and Application Server, using the special WCM software developed by UW Tech GmbH.

Ithaca used specialized RF planning tools for the LoRaWAN design and statistical analysis, high accuracy digital terrain maps (DTM), land use databases, and other spatial data. RF planning calculated and predicted the Spreading Factor and other essential network parameters for the wide-area and Point to Multipoint studies.

Ithaca uses its own special testers to test, measure, and validate the LoRa equipment and propagation environment in several modes and procedures, as specified by LoRa Alliance, to ensure the live network functionality.

The end-user is the Municipal Water and Sewerage Company (DEYA) of Ios Island. The project name is: “Supply, installation, and operation of remote reading measurements in selected positions of water network of Municipality IHTON, Cyclades” at Ios island, in Greece.

About Ithaca Destination Smart S.A.
Ithaca Destination Smart S.A. is a network provider and an IoT solutions integrator for the utilities, public, private, and industrial sectors. We design, implement, maintain, and support all kinds of IoT connectivity solutions. Our solutions aspire to ensure networks meeting performance and cost requirements for LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, LTE-M, 5G mMTC, Wireless M-Bus, Wi-Fi, PLC, and more wireless IoT networks.

About Mesogeos S.A.
Mesogeos Group is one of the largest groups in the field of environmental protection in Greece. It is highly positioned in water, wastewater, solid waste treatment, renewable energy production, and energy saving.
Mesogeos is also active in Cyprus, Romania, Azerbaijan, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro.